Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pink checkerboard

After a failed manicure earlier in the week I wanted something simple and fast.  So I did a quick mani yesterday morning with Zoya Lolly, a lovely pink matte color.   I chose the matte polish because I wanted to do my nails in the morning before work and matte polish dries fast.  The first coat drags a tiny, bit but everything should level out by coat #2.

As I was showing my boyfriend the color he mentioned it would be cool if you could do a french tip fauxnad (of course he didn't know that there WAS such a thing!)  So at his suggestion, I added a checkerboard fauxnad tip using white konad special polish and plate M56.  It took me a couple tries to get the tips straight and even then the stamp didn't transfer perfectly.  But I think it looks cool.


  1. It looks really cool! Kudos to boyfriend for the suggestion, I don't think mine would notice if I had baby trees growing from my nails :)

  2. That looks really cool!

  3. Looks great. Much better than when I've tried with that pattern! Hehe.


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