Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dino Spots!

I have recently returned from a trip to Indiana where Amanda and I got to spend 5 days together including a fun pool party at a family member's house for the 4th of July.  I got a fabulous haircut from my cousin, Marcia; and she was kind enough to send me a care package of some high end hair products in the mail last night.  So here's a shoutout to my awesome cuz!

I picked up Zoya Trixie several weeks ago at Ulta and have been wanting to use it since then but couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it.  So as I was looking through my folder of nail stamps last night my eyes fell upon the dino spots design and I thought the contrast of black spots would look good with the silver polish.

As Amanda and I sat down to do our nails together over Skype, I highlighted a few of the spots with Zoya Charisma and Studio M neon green.  I'm wondering if I should have just left the spots all black.  Neons are notoriously sheer and I knew it would take more than one coat to cover the black.   It's kinda cool looking though - looks like nail stickers!

Trixie went on just beautifully.  Zoya rarely lets me down in the quality of their product.  I used two smooth coats here then waited for it to dry before stamping with Konad special polish in black and plate BM211. 

Tonight I'm off to the beach to a sand sculpting festival.  I hope to have picture for you by early next week!


  1. These nails are so fierce I love them

  2. I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They DO look like nail stickers. That means you did a GREAT job! :-)


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