Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bee Mine Nails

Hi ladies! Is anyone getting tired of Valentine's Day manis yet? I know I am... I just want to get back to regular ole manis :P

Quick post today because I have lots to do, but I just wanted to share this one with you!

(Don't mind the randomly placed watermarks... I'm trying to find an unobtrusive way to mark my pictures.)

The base is Essie French Affair (I know I know....I dislike Essie's formula, but I can even get over it for this color because it's just so darn pretty!). I drew the silhouette of the bees first, because I don't have a steady enough hand to draw a black outline last. So, drew the black silhouette first, then added in the white face and wings, and yellow stripes with acrylic paint. I also tried to paint "Bee Mine" on my thumb, but I really need to get some good nail art pens or something because it is REALLY hard to paint text with a nail art brush. Maybe I just need a brush with shorter bristles instead? At any rate, I think it came out pretty cute :)

This one's for my mama, because her name means Honeybee :)

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. This is incredibly cute. Your bees are so well drawn! I love this colour too :)
    I think the watermark in the 1st pic looks best. Mine is like that too :)

  2. OOOOOH so cute cute cute!

    And about your watermark, make sure at least a part of it is near the nail and never on the nail closest to the sides, because they will crop it out.

  3. OMG soooo cute, I hate the formula for French Affair... but I LOVE the color!

  4. So so so so cute! Goes great with the pink too :)

  5. Delightfully cute!

    Sharpie markers work really well for writing text. Just make sure the polish is dry and don't press down too hard.


    1. Thanks for the tip! Does it come off with regular acetone though??

    2. I use sharpie extra fine tip, they are great! And it comes off with the polish when using acetone or non acetone remover... Just be sure its not on your bare nail. :)

  6. Those bees are super cute! Btw,I tagged you in 11 Questions! =)

  7. Awwww how cute!!!!


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