Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eyegasm: Holiday Glitterbomb

Hi guys! Today I have an AWESOME layering combo to show you guys!

I received Wet n Wild Rockin Rubies from Steph the other day as a Secret Santa present! Rockin Rubies is part of Wet n Wild's Ice Baby collection. She also sent me the pinkish purple one and the teal one as well as some other fun goodies which I will be showing you throughout this week!

I started with two coats of China Glaze Brownstone which is one of my most favorite colors from this entire year. It's a brownish reddish burgundy creme and I LOVE it. Then I used one coat of Rockin Rubies on top and....omg. It's pretty much awesomesauce. I recommend big-ulating these pics to see the sparkly goodness!

Rockin Rubies is a red microglitter with holographic particles in a sheer-ish red base. I LOVE how RR over Brownstone looks. If you look at swatches of RR on it's own, it looks a little.....dull, but here it just looks so amazing!

In the shade!

I stared at this ALL day at work on Sunday. The only bad thing about this is that it's a top coat sucker upper... I used two coats of Seche Vite and while it's pretty much smooth, it still dried to a duller finish than I'd anticipated. It looked AWESOME when the SV was still shiny but, ah well, it's still so shiny and sparkly and glitter-tastic!!

I can't wait to use the other two polishes I received! Hopefully I can come up with some equally awesome glitterbombs :)

Have a great day ladies! Happy Tuesday!


  1. So gorgeous! :)
    xx Jana

  2. i have been loving red glittery polishes recently and this one fits the bill! So pretty!

  3. I love the Ice Baby collection! I have yet to wear this one though.

  4. So awesome!! I legit can't even handle the awesomeness. My friend is sending me the Ice Baby collection, I need them to get here ASAP!

  5. that looks fantastic. I didn't layer mine - BIG mistake, HUUUUGE - but i am gong to next time. Such a fab Christmas colour xx

  6. I never wear red but this looks so amazing I gotta have it! The perfect glitter.

  7. This one is SOOOO pretty! Reminds me of OPI Gettin Miss Piggy With It


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