Monday, December 19, 2011

Matte Party Hearty Glittery Goodness

Hi ladies. It's been a while since I've posted it seems -- I've been completely swamped with work. Working in retail around Christmas season is hell, I've learned. I have gained so much respect for people who like working retail because I clearly am just not cut out for it. I've been working pretty long shifts the past few times I've worked, and when I get home I'm so exhausted and irritated that the last thing I want to do is do my nails. The couch beckons.

On top of that, I had the stomach flu today. I woke up Sunday night/Monday morning with stomach cramps so bad I thought my appendix was rupturing! Bah, not fun. But don't worry, I am feeling better and have prepared a post for you girls. Yes, I will stop rambling :)

I wasn't really feeling up to doing any nail art tonight, but I still wanted to be festive. Sadly though, I don't have many greens and I've been doing reds all month it seems! So I settled on China Glaze Watermelon Rind. It's not exactly a Christmas green as it has kind of a blue undertone, but I actually think it turned out really nicely in this mani.

I had to use three coats of WR -- the formula was really watery and it kept flooding my cuticles. Drat! Then of course, I had to be festive and put on a coat of China Glaze Party Hearty. I sealed with a coat of Seche Vite....but something more needed to be added. But what!?

I decided to channel my inner Polished Perfectionist and mattify the glitter. Oh how I love this!! I have always liked matte nails but for some reason I always forget about my Matte Magic so I don't wear them nearly as often as I would like. I just can never think to use it!

I did notice that using a coat of SV before the MM seemed to make the matte look much better. Every other time I've used MM it looks a little streaky, but I think the Seche Vite did the trick.

This is so simple and easy, but I am digging it! Festive and cheery, don't you think?!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas week with friends and family, and remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!


  1. Love it. yes retail is hard work
    . Hope u get rest. Ehh I hate well as shpping in big
    Too overwhelming for me. I get anxiety problems dealing dealing with all the lights and noise and crazy people. Lol but Well the Color looks amazing. Happy holidays. Pretty nails!

  2. I love this! I still have to use my Party Hearty!

  3. This is so freaking perfect, Amanda! I love this. I hope you feel better really soon, it's rough to be sick during the holidays!

  4. Matte chunky glitter = drool!!! So pretty!

  5. I love the final result! Well done!

  6. I love the matte glitter :-)

    Hey! I'm passing on an award to you! The Glitter In Their Veins award! Check it out!

  7. I love this look! The Seche Vite probably helped because it smoothed everything out first.

  8. I really love the blue undertone actually! It suits red better than traditional Christmas green in my opinion :) I already wanted to order Party Hearty and you make me want it even more haha. I can't wait to combine it with WR, eventhough it has such a sheer formula.

  9. This looks great! Love it!

  10. I just got my first matte tc and I can't wait to use it! After seeing this I think maybe my first matte nails will be mattified rainbow connection! doesn't that sound great?! I love your shoutout to Polished Perfectionist. I like to see bloggers being community-ish and expressing the fact that we all get inspiration from each other! Anyway, this looks great and I LIKE that it's a blue/green and not so "christmas tree green" :)


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