About Us

We are a nail blogging team consisting of a mother (Melissa) and daughter (Amanda) currently residing in central Indiana. Our love for nail polish and nail art began in the summer of 2010, and since then we've collected a significant amount of bottles between the two of us.


Melissa works at an auto-loan company. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, online gaming, geocaching, shopping for more nail polish, and spending time with her awesome daughter (the one below!).


Amanda just recently graduated college with a degree in advertising and marketing. She is currently looking for a full-time job. In her spare time (aside from doing her nails), she enjoys spending time with her friends and boyfriend, crocheting, reading, playing with her adorable tailless kitty, Lilly, and watching movies.


We began this blog back in February of 2011. Since then it's grown rapidly. We never expected to be where we are today. We started this blog as a way for us to document our manicures and share our hobby with other people, so the fact that we've come this far is amazing to us and we have you followers to thank for it!

Oh, and in case you were wondering: MaD is an acronym for Mother-and-Daughter. MaD Manis! :)

If you have any comments/requests/suggestions, shoot us an email at!