How did you first get into nail polish/nail art?
I (Amanda) stumbled upon the Tumblr, "Fuck Yeah Pretty Nails" in the summer of 2010. After that I was smitten -- I loved all the awesome nails I saw. I started making designs with toothpicks (badly, might I add) and Mom eventually joined me in my journey -- she had been into nail polish on and off for a while.

How do you care for your cuticles?
We never cut our cuticles. Occasionally we will use a cuticle remover gel. Also, lots of lotion and cuticle cream! We both use Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and it is awesome. Apply a couple times a day for perfectly nourished cuticles!

How do you clean up your nails after painting them?
Acetone and a small brush--we prefer an angled eyeliner brush. Dip the angled eyeliner brush in 100% acetone and clean up around your cuticles and on your skin for a crisp line and perfectly polished nails.

How do you remove glitter polish?
Pure acetone, cotton pads and tin foil. Cut ten pieces of tin foil large enough to wrap around your fingers. Lay a cotton pad with pure acetone on it flat on your nail. Take the tin foil and wrap it around and over your fingertip tightly to trap the acetone pad onto your nail. The tin foil keeps the acetone from evaporating and really breaks down the glitter polish. Wait 5-10 minutes. Remove the tin foil. We suggest wiggling it back and forth as your remove it to help get rid of all the glitter. Depending on the polish, you may have a few herpes left -- clean those up with q-tips.

How do you file your nails?
Cut straight across your nail with a pair of nail clippers. File in ONE direction -- don't file back and forth as this can cause your nail to become weak leading to more breaks. Round off the corners a bit (if you're going for a square/squoval look) so your nails don't catch on things.

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