How to grow your blog

We get a questions sometimes about how to get a new blog more popular. While it's mostly dedication and hard work, we do have a few tips that we want to share with you.

Adjust your camera settings. 
You don't need a fancy schmancy DSLR camera to have good pictures on your blog. A regular old point and shoot will work just fine. In fact, both of us use the exact same Canon camera (a Canon PowerShot for those of you who are curious)! You do, however, need to have your camera on the macro setting. The macro button is usually represented by a flower. The macro setting changes the focus on the camera so that you can zoom in on very close objects. (that'd be your nails!) Adjusting the white balance usually helps to portray the colors of your polish more accurately. All cameras are different with this setting, so look at the instruction booklet that came with your camera.

Keep your blog relevant. 
Post often so your blog is always new and fresh. You don't need to post every single day, but people don't want to subscribe to someone who posts sporadically or with a significant amount of time between postings. Find a schedule that works for you and try to stick to it as much as you can.

Take good pictures! 
Be mindful of the composition and quality of your pictures.  Don't take pictures in front of a busy background (ie in your bathroom or in front of a pile of laundry) as it is distracting to the reader.  Invest (or make) a lightbox or take pictures outside where you have a calm and aesthetically pleasing background like trees, flowers or scenery.

Take care of your hands and cuticles.
Make sure your cuticles look nice in your pictures. Dry and chapped cuticles can distract from the picture. Lotion them up or use a cuticle cream or butter. Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter is a good one, as well as Lush's Lemony Flutter. You can find cuticle creams and butters anywhere, so try some out and see what works best for you!

Be considerate of other bloggers' space. 
This is a big one -- don't link drop your blog's web address in comments to other people. This is considered very poor taste by most bloggers. You may think it will help you get traffic to your blog if you provide your link right there for other people to see, but I guarantee you -- it will have the opposite effect on your blog. People will be way less likely to follow your blog if you advertise yours all over their space that's reserved for their blog.

Interact with others. 
Comment on other people's posts! (But don't link drop). When people see your name a lot they will click on your profile and perhaps click the link to your blog. Create a Twitter for your blog. This gets you out there and gains your exposure, but you can also interact with and make friends with other bloggers at the same time.