Friday, July 8, 2011

Liquid hot MAG MA

Last night I stopped by Ulta (BIG MISTAKE!) and hauled about 7 OPI polishes.  One of the ones I got was the red shatter.  I think out of all the companies that have marketed shatter/crackle/burst polishes I like OPI's formula the best.  It shatters so consistently and the application seems to be the most flawless of the 3 varieties I've tried.

I decided to try it over the top of Sun Worshipper.  I applied it right over the top of the nail decal I had on my ring fingers because I knew I'd be removing it soon.  I applied the shatter in a wavy or swirling motion to make it look like moving hot lava or fireballs.  It's very bold, and I am loving the uniqueness of it!


  1. Hey! Love it ^^

  2. This looks so cool! I haven't tried my red shatter over too much, it does look great over pink though!

  3. ahhhh!! I LOVE THIS. You did a FABULOUS job giving it the swirling motion of moving hot lava. Wow, this is probably one of my favorite crackle manicures I have seen. The colors are perfect and the direction of the crackles are perfect

  4. Wow!! This is the only time I've liked the swirling motion for crackle. You did it well so it didn't look lumpy. Awesome!

  5. oh gosh i love this effect!
    such a suiting name(:

    <3 BB

  6. I love how you applied the crackle polish! So unique compared to the usual up-and-down look.


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