Monday, October 24, 2011

My first stripe mani ever!

 Ever since the 30 day challenge began, I've been wanting to do a stripe mani. I've seen so many cute ones and thought it would be pretty simple to execute. Today, I finally took that plunge into the land of the stripe mani!

I started with a base of Zoya Veruschuka (which is AWESOME OMG). Then I placed a large stripe of Zoya Jem down all the nails in varying places on each. The other stripe colors I used are just Kiss nail art stripers in white and silver.

I am very happy with this look! It was really easy and did not take me long to do at ALL. Next time, hopefully I can get the lines at my cuticles a little bit straighter. I was in no mood for precision when I did this.

Do you girls like stripe manis? What do you think of my easy peasy stripes?

Have a wonderful day! :)


  1. I am loving this! I just got Veruschka and need to wear it! But i love these colors together! Awesome!

  2. i´m loving stripe manis. I haven´t done one yet, but I will soon.
    Your mani looks pretty :)

  3. I love stripe manis! and I love the colours you used for yours :D

  4. This reminds me of Christmas haha can't wait to wear this in a couple months!

  5. I love this! It reminds me of a peppermint stick. ^_^


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